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Technical fasteners

As one of the largest distributors of ITW/NEXUS we can offer you a comprehensive range of 2-piece buckles, loops, adjusters, cordlocks, cordends and many other items. ITW/NEXUS is one of the largest manufacturers of this type of product in the world.

Our customers include manufacturers of baby buggies and child seats, suppliers to the public health sector, the car industry, the military, producers of backpacks and companies in many other industries.

The very high quality and technically complex products have many different applications. They can be supplied in nylon (also available reinforced with glass fibre), or acetal, as required. Acetal has excellent tensile strength, stiffness, surface hardness and chemical resistance. It is predominantly used if the product is exposed to variations in climatic conditions and high humidity. Nylon has good tensile strength, chemical resistance and stiffness. It is recommended for use in high temperatures.



We extended our range of products! 
You can find an extensive range of  hook end loop, webbing and shock cord (bungee cord)


Please go to our website www.tac-flex.co.uk

Our expert staff will be pleased to advise you on your requirements.