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Whether you are looking for something for active sportswear or casualwear, you will find a wide selection of articles for every category of these at Butonia/ KAHAGE.

You will see matching unbranded jeans buttons, pressfasteners and rivets in our collections. We would be pleased to develop with you a product tailored to your own design.

As the basic parts for our jeans buttons, pressfasteners and rivets are manufactured in large quantities, your own product could be made at a relatively low cost.

Finshes reflecting the latest trends are obtained by special plating and lacquering techniques.

We can offer a very high quality metal product in zamak. Using this material we can make designs incorporating a very high level of detail. A complete set comprising jeansbuttons, pressfasteners, rivets, zip-pullers, decorations and other accessories, all in the same colour, will give your garment a high degree of integrity.

Not only clothing but also other products such as backpacks, bags, belts etc. can be equipped with the very highest quality buckles, adjustable cordlocks, cordends and zip-pullers made from polyamide or acetal from the ITW/Nexus collection.

In addition to this we have complemented our product range with Micro-Teeth C Technology for active sportswear. Zip-pullers, cuff-adjusters, cordlocks, cordends and pressfasteners made from a soft thermoplastic are particularly suitable for clothing that is exposed to high variations in temperature. These products are manufactured under Blue-Sign conditions.

All products are made in factories which conform to Western European standards.