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Corporatewear/ Uniformen

When it comes to uniforms for airlines, shipping companies, hotels, security firms, sales organisations and providers of many other services, very often a small detail, such as a button, gives emphasis to their corporate identity.

Depending on the particular item in question we often use the same materials as for our fashion customers, but with a customer's logo/ design and name.
Using artwork created by our design team as a starting point we develop the product for you that will give your garment its own identity.

Amongst our largest customers are police forces, the army, the fire brigade, customs and financial authorities. We always welcome the challenge of the exacting demands placed on us by various public departments.

For example, when a particularly demanding specification requires it we increase the thickness of gold on metal buttons. Sometimes we work some "Top Secret" detail into the button which can only be seen under certain conditions.

Naturally these items also conform to Oko-Tex standards.

Our salesman will visit you to explain the possibilities available, to advise you and to develop with you the button, fastening or decoration.