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About us

The foundation-stone of the BUTONIA-KAHAGE GROUP was laid in 1865 in Franfurt/Main.

The BUTONIA GROUP has given the clothing industry throughout the world an exceptional service in design, quality and reliability for more than 150 years.

Twice a year an international design-team develops a collection aimed at the current market, focusing on up-to-date trends from fashion centres such as Paris, Milan, London and Amsterdam, and taking inspiration from journeys made around the world.

One of our strengths is the development of special items for our customers, buttons for uniforms and corporatewear. For example, we have supplied for many years international airlines, the Customs, the Dutch Police and the German Police in various Federal States.

A special feature of the Butonia Group is that it has a network of branches throughout Europe. In order to maintain its presence and proximity to customers, we have established branches under the name of BUTONIA in the Netherlands, in England for Great Britain, in Sweden for Scandinavia and we have also had an office in Lithuania for some years. In Germany BUTONIA operates under the name of KAHAGE. All branches also export to a wide range of other countries.

Each branch has its own dye-plant in which our products can be dyed to cloth or other colour sample on request.An equally important part of the
BUTONIA GROUP is the technical division. This supplies customers such as specialist sportswear, outdoorwear and workwear manufacturers, government departments, armies throughout the world, the automobile industry, suppliers to the rehabilitation and public health sectors, as well as producers of sports equipment and baby buggies.